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At Humble Warrior Yoga, we use yoga as a vehicle for playful learning. Core strength, bilateral coordination, and balance are our fundamental building blocks to our yoga curriculum. These fundamentals build important skills such as body awareness, focus, memory, confidence, strength, and flexibility. In turn, these skills (tying their shoes, tinkering with small objects such as Legos, running, climbing, and sports) help strengthen the mind and body for more complex learning and movement; refining both gross and fine motor coordination. 

By introducing the basics of breath work, simply bringing awareness to the power of their breath, we aim to empower children with the fact that they can have control over their mind, thoughts, and actions. With repetition, and as our yogis get older, their breathing practice can evolve into a mindfulness practice. Here they can use their breath as a tool to slow down, even in the busiest of moments. In slowing down, our young yogis are given the opportunity to mindfully respond to a fearful or stressful situation instead of reacting to them. 

Empathy awareness is the binding ingredient that gives our program truth and purpose. We believe that empathy awareness is the key to living a full and authentic life. We cultivate empathy awareness through the practice of kindness towards oneself and others. We also understand that living in a state of pure happiness is not realistic, therefore, we allow time and space to uncover and dissect feelings. We hope to build familiarity and comfort through all range of emotions while offering strategies to help children through the ups and downs.

Humble Warrior Yoga provides children with yoga, mindfulness, and empathy awareness. Our ultimate goal is to nourish and guide the minds and bodies of our youngest citizens towards kindness to oneself, their community, and eventually the greater world through humility and strength. Each class curriculum is catered to the unique characteristics of each group of yogis. We value kindness, community, and creativity and hope to meet your Humble Warrior Yogi on the mat!



+ cultivate kindness towards ones self and others

+ enhances memory and cognitive function

+ increases self-confidence

+ invites self-reflection

+ proven to help lower stress and anxiety

+ expand vocabulary around emotions

+ develops self control and body space awareness in relation to others

+ builds strength and coordination

+ provides a relaxing, non-competitive, and non-judgmental practice

+ enhances flexibility and allows for proper muscle recovery from high impact sports

+ creates connection to the greater world