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Humble Warrior Yoga is a yoga, mindfulness, and empathy awareness program for children. Our goal is to nourish and guide the minds and bodies of our youngest citizens towards kindness to oneself, others, their community, and eventually the greater world. 

Through the introduction of yoga, children will build the focus, strength and skills to move through various poses and sequence. As our young yogis being to enhance their memory as they move towards longer sequences. On a physical level, our foundation is built on core strength, bilateral coordination, and balance. All of these skills help refine both gross and fine motor coordination as well as help strengthen the mind and body for more complex movements and activities such as running, climbing, body space awareness, tying their shoes, and all sports, just to name a few!

With the basics of breathwork, simply bringing awareness to the power of our breath, we aim to empower children with the simple fact that they do indeed have control over their mind, thoughts, and actions. With practice and as our yogis get older, breath work will evolve into a mindfulness practice as they use their breath as a tool to respond versus react in fearful and stressful situations. 

Empathy awareness is the magic that brings our program to life and gives us true meaning in the world. As our young yogis gain a deeper understanding of who they are, they will then be able to understand and interact with others with compassion and kindness. We cultivate empathy awareness through the practice of their mindfulness journals. Here they reflect on their emotions, day-to-day challenges, and solutions to their challenges, just to name a few. 

Humble Warrior Yoga is a program for all children as each class is catered to the unique characteristics of each group of yogis. We value kindness, community, and creativity and we hope to meet your Humble Warrior Yogi on the mat!