Where Are You From:

SF Bay Area, CA


Sunset walks with my pups & hubby.

French fries paired with a delicious glass of wine.

Belly laughs, deep talks and stories with friends & family.

Meeting new people, learning about different cultures, and exploring new places

Cheering for my team, the Golden State Warriors!

Greatest Accomplishment:

I'll let you know whenI get there but I think I'm on the right track!

Favorite Yoga Pose:

Warrior III


  • BA in Childhood and Adolescent Development

  • MA in Early Childhood Education

  • Yoga Alliance: 200-hour CYT

  • B4C Wellness Champion

  • Yoga Alliance: Children's Yoga Certification

  • Mindful Schools: Mindfulness Fundamentals

  • Mindful Schools: Mindful Education Essentials Course