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Lets give our children the start we wish we had!

By embracing children’s natural energy, we introduce them to the basics of yoga, mindfulness, breath work, and empathy connection. At Humble Warrior Yoga, we honor each child as they are and celebrate their uniqueness, capabilities, and growth as they progress both physically and mentally. 

At Humble Warrior Yoga we believe children have the right to a healthy wellbeing. We use yoga and movement as a fun and engaging vehicle to learn about the body. Mindfulness and breath work are the tools we use to slow down the learning process in order to talk about and understand our emotions and to create empathy connection. We also acknowledge the fast pace and high demands of our evolving technological world. We aim to provide a safe space to talk about these stressors as well as give children tools and strategies to cope with this stress. 

At Humble Warrior Yoga we hope to empower children by creating a safe space for children to investigate, explore, and eventually become experts of their bodies and minds. By attending our classes, your child will obtain strategies and tools to navigate the complex world they live in with confidence and humility to care for and connect to themselves and others.  



+ enhances memory and cognitive function

+ increases self-confidence

+ invites self-reflection

+ proven to help lower stress and anxiety

+ develops self control and body space awareness in relation to others

+ builds strength and coordination

+ provides a relaxing, non-competitive, and non-judgmental practice

+ enhances flexibility and allows for proper muscle recovery from high impact sports

+ creates connection to the greater world